Zipp has been at the forefront of all things innovative for the past decade, and with the 454 NSW Carbon Clincher Front Wheel it truly pays testament to this. Everything from its radical design to its incredibly low weight of just 690g makes this a wheel you’ll want to ride for days. 

    Using Zipp’s new patented variable depth 53/58mm rims, this rear wheel cuts through the air like a fin through water. The rigorous aero development of SawTooth™ utilises the wind tunnel, computational fluid dynamics and real-world testing to ensure every ounce of power you put through the pedals is transferred into eye-watering speed. 

    AeroBalance™ is another area where the 454 differs from the competition. Crosswind is a huge factor in counteracting speed, pushing the rider all over the road when trying to maintain a straight line. This new rim shape achieves something conventional aero wheels cannot; it simultaneously reduces both aerodynamic drag and side force for the ultimate in straight line speed. 

    Sawtooth™ accomplishes this with a series of patented fin-shaped Hyperfoil™ nodes along the inner diameter of the rim that work together with the new HexFin™ ABLC dimples for improved airflow. The result is Zipp’s highest performing wheelset ever, with both aero-drag reduction and reduced side force at all wind yaw angles. This is important because higher wind yaw angles are where bike handling is most affected by the wind.

    Blistering speed may be one thing, but how about braking performance? Zipp have once again incorporated the Showerstopper™ brake track that allows for later braking and greater control regardless of the weather conditions. Zipp’s ImPress™ NSW graphics technology, which prints graphics directly onto the rim, reduces weight and helps the HexFin™ ABLC dimples to do their aerodynamic job while elevating the wheel’s visual allure to new heights.

    Each Indianapolis-made 454 NSW® rim requires 12 hours to create and represents a true blending of hand craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing techniques. After each rim is laid up, moulded, drilled, printed, and inspected, every wheel is assembled and tensioned entirely by hand in Indianapolis. 454 NSW® rims are laced to Portuguese-made Cognition hubs using Belgian Sapim® CX-Ray spokes and Secure Lock nipples for unmatched performance and reliability that is made to last.


  • Zipp Tangente titanium black skewer
  • Zipp valve extender by Silca®
  • Zipp individual wheel bag
  • Zipp Tangente Platinum Pro Evo brake pads
  • Zipp Tangente tube 700c x 20-28mm
  • Zipp rim tape 700c x 20mm



  • Weight: 690g
  • Rim used: X454NSW
  • Hub used: cognition
  • Rim depth: 53/58mm
  • Brake track width (centre): 26.4mm
  • Max width: 27.8mm
  • Internal width: 17mm
  • Spokes: Sapim® CX-Ray
  • Spoke count: 18
  • Spoke pattern: radial
  • Spoke length: 248mm
  • Max tyre pressure: 125psi
  • Max tyre pressure: 8.62bars
  • Track adaptable: no
  • Dimpled surface: ABLC™ HexFin™ technology
  • Nipples: Sapim® secure-lock
  • External nipples: yes


ZIPP 454 NSW CC karbon első kerék, felni-fékes, 700C
Küllők: 18 darab, 248 mm Sapim® CX-Ray, radiális fűzés, Sapim Secure-Lock rendszer
Felni mélysége: 53/58 mm
Felni anyaga: karbon
Felni típusa: X454NSW
Felni-fék kompatibilis
Maximum szélesség: 27,8 mm
Agy: Cognition
Tengely: QR 100
Maximális guminyomás: 8,6 bar / 125 PSI
Nem tubeless kompatibilis
Matrica helyett nyomott grafika
Súly: 690 g (1525 g a szett)
Tárcsafékes kivitel is elérhető
Testsúlyhatár: max. 115 kg

Zipp 454 NSW carbon Clincher front wheel - Első kerék, peremes

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