• TriHard kinesiology tape


Multiple Features


 First, the Kinesio Tape can help to heal sprains, strains, bruises, and relieve pain. Second, the tape bandage can additionally support the muscles and limit the movement of injured bones and joints. Third, this Physio Tape promotes blood circulation. and lymphatic circulation and reduces stress. Finally, this tape band can correct the bad posture, eg prevent spinal scoliosis.


Extensive User Groups


Not only professional athletes, athletes, or pregnant women, but also most people can use this sport tape. Athletes use it to minimize the pain and to support the muscles. So they would play with more self-confidence. Pregnant women could use it to support the weight of the pregnant belly. Most ordinary people can use it to expel the endotoxin in the lymphatic system.



Nagyon jó ragadóerejű, sportolók számára is megfelelő ragadóerejű, 180%-os nyúlású tape, move on! -tape alapon nyomott felirattal.

Triatlonosokat, futókat, aktív sportolókat célozva.

5m x 5cm

narancs színben.

Move on! TriHard kinesiology tape - TriHard kineziológiai szalag

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