This super aerodynamic trisuit is constructed with a special combination of performance fabrics to achieve a tailored-fit. The perfect shape is maintained by our new elastic leg grippers with honeycomb silicon grips on the inside of the legs. The ITU standard back zipper with cam lock makes it easy to wear and ensure the zip stays closed and the suit fits flawlessly while on the move. The upper section is made of Prey Cool fabric, lightweight, extremely aerodynamic and UV resistant (UPF 50+) with Flow inserts. An engineered rough surface of the fabric is used in the point of delamination of the airflow to reduce drag. Wind tunnel tested and race proven. The legs are made from Fitter, a special fabric designed to reduce muscle stress thanks to its slightly compressive effect helping you perform at your best from start to finish. Designed specifically for triathlon events, the GTR chamois has a silicone gel core with strong anti-shock properties, covered with a thin fabric shield. It weighs just 42g and doesn’t absorb water - so it doesn’t grow in dimension or weight during the swim or cause irritation on the ride. Plus an antibacterial and anti-irritation microfi bre layer in contact with the skin that ensures maximum comfort on the saddle.

AERO DESIGN Aerodynamic construction thanks to the stretch woven fabrics engineered to reduce drag in water and trough the air

ADVANCED TRIATHLON ENGINEERING Made from a combination of extremely lightweight, fast drying and UV resistant (UPF 50+) fabrics

NON-ABSORBENT CHAMOIS GTR chamois with gel core for comfort without water-absorbance

Made in Italy.

Santini REDUX 2019 - TRISUIT BORDEAUX - Tri ruha

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