Bemutatjuk a Premium Sram kompatibilis ovális lánctányért (110 / 5bcd) kifejezetten olyan Sram hajtókarokhoz terveztük, amelyeknek 1 rejtett lánckerék-csavarja van a forgattyúkar mögött, mint például a Sram Red, Red eTap, Red22, Force1, Force22, Rival, Rival1 és még sok más. Ezek a piacon a legkiválóbb, váltásképes ovális lánckerék.


Méret (tömeg +/- 1g):


50T (119g), 52T (131g)




Fekete, Piros, Szürke (csak a belső gyűrű fekete)




CSAK azokhoz a Sram hajtókarokhoz, amelyeknél 1 rejtett lánckerék található a forgattyúkar mögött: Sram Red, Red eTap, Red22, Force1, Force22, Rival, Rival1. Kompatibilis a Quarq-szal. Apex hajtáshoz kérjük, keresd a szokásos 110/5 osztású tányérokat..




A rejtett csavar kivételével használja újra az eredeti Sram csavarokat. Az AB külső lánckerék a csomagolásban található rejtett csavarral érkezik.


Ha csak a belső lánckereket cseréli - használja újra az összes eredeti csavart.


Anyag és befejezés


CNC megmunkált 7075 Txxx alumínium. Tartós kivitel. II. Típusú eloxálás.




Minden mérethez külön-külön optimalizált. 34T- 6,5%; 36T - 11,4%, 50/52 - 10,3%; 108 -109,5 ° időzítés a TDC után (felső holtpont) - Ideális úthegymászáshoz. Szabadalmaztatás alatt



Különleges ovális forma, amely könnyebb és gyorsabb, hatékonyabb tekerést biztosít.

Vastagabb 5 mm-es felépítés miatt több mint 15% -kal merevebb, mint a Rotor Qrings

Nem fogod "érezni" az ovális formát pedálozás közben. Simább tekerést fogsz tapasztalni.

Segít csökkenteni a térdre nehezedő stresszt, és segít abban, hogy a lábad hosszabb ideig frissebb maradjon.

Csökkenti a lábgörcsök lehetőségét.




Our Premium Sram compatible Oval chainrings (110/5bcd) are designed specifically for Sram cranks that have 1 hidden chainring bolt behind the crank arm like Sram Red, Red eTap, Red22, Force1, Force22, Rival, Rival1 and more. These are finest shift-able oval chainrings on the market.


Size (Mass +/-1g):


50T (119g), 52T (131g)




Black, Red, Grey (inner ring black only)




ONLY for Sram cranks that have 1 hidden chainring bolt behind the crank arm: Sram Red, Red eTap, Red22, Force1, Force22, Rival, Rival1. Compatible with Quarq. For Apex cranks - please navigate to our standard 110/5 rings.




Reuse original Sram bolts except the hidden bolt. AB Outer chainring comes with the hidden bolt in the package


If changing inner chainring only - reuse all original bolts.


Material & Finish


cnc machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum. Long-lasting construction. Type II anodizing




Optimized to each size separately. 34T- 6.5% ; 36T- 11.4%, 50/52 - 10.3% ; Timing of 108 -109.5° after TDC (top dead center) - Ideal for road climbing. Patent Pending

absoluteBLACK OVAL 110 5BCD 50-52 Sram Red road - Országúti OVAL lánctá

Size - Méret
  • Why our Oval chainrings do not have adjustable timing


    At Absolute Black we have extensively studied the relevant performance data regarding the optimum percentage of ovality, shape and, critically, the timing of the oval – the positioning of the high and low points of the oval, in relation to the position of the crank arm and focus this into one single mounting position – this is the really important part of what makes Absolute Black Oval chainrings so effective. By simplifying our oval chainring design, to reflect a single high performance ‘sweet-spot’, we are able to make the process of fitting Absolute Black oval chainrings faster and easier, as well as making our rings even lighter. 


    Can I use only small oval chainring and keep big one round? (and vice versa) Or should I use both oval rings?

    There is no problem using two different shaped chainrings mounted to one crank from mechanical and biomechanical point of view. However, please remember that oval chainrings are most effective in two situations; when you pedal uphill and if you don't have perfect pedalling action. We recommend using small oval ring as a starting point. Many professional riders switch to using an oval inner chainring for races with hard climbing – even when their equipment sponsors do not make an oval ring – knowing that it cannot be seen tucked behind their sponsors outer round chainring. When it comes to the style of outer chainring you need to answer two questions:


    * How often do I keep riding on big ring over smaller, less demanding climbs? 


    If the answer is "often" then fitting an Absolute Black outer chainring is advised to gain the maximum benefit. However, if the answer is "very rarely" then keeping your existing round outer ring is a way to save some money.


    * Do I have a perfect pedal spin?


    This is an important one. Professionals and semi pro cyclists spin perfect "circles". The rest of us often struggle with our pedalling action, simply because we don't spend every day of every week on the bike, to master this skill. Switching to oval rings effectively correct an imperfect pedalling action – delivering the smooth power delivery the pros developed through thousands of hours of training. One of the key reasons the benefits of oval chainrings have historically proven hard to prove in lab tests, is because they were nearly always done using Professional riders – as a user group they are the least likely to gain a performance increase from a switch to oval, as their pedalling is already close to perfection. Where ovals shine however is with rest of us, who ride for pleasure and not for a job. Simply 99% of road cyclists will benefit from having oval chainrings on their bikes.


    How to mount 110/5 Oval chainring:


    First, you need to remove your crank from your bike. Once removed, unscrew the 5 bolts that hold two chainrings together with a T-30 torx key. Remove both original rings. Locate the new oval inner chainring with the triangular timing indicator positioned behind crank arm. The bolt holes on the small chainring are recessed – so the nut heads will sit flush with the surface of the chainring - these recesses should face you when mounting the bolts. Absolute Black outer chainrings have a specific recess to accommodate the rear edge of the crank arm - position the outer ring to line up that recess with the crank arm. If you are only switching the inner chainring to oval - use the original bolts that came with your crank. If you are switching to a pair of oval rings, you will need a set of regular ‘double’ chainring bolts. Tighten all four bolts with force of about 5-7Nm. Mount your crank back to the bike. You may also need to adjust the front derailleur upwards by 2-3mm.


    All Absolute Black products are designed in UK and manufactured in Poland (EU) to the highest standards of quality.


    Word on BIOPACE - Please understand Absolute Black’s oval design IS NOT ‘Biopace’ technology. Shimano created their non-round Biopace chainrings with a completely different orientation of the biggest radius of the oval. Their ring orientation has since been widely accepted as being fundamentally wrong. Instead of positioning it in power zone - which is slightly below the level of the crank - they clocked it to the dead zone where human physiology generates least power. The result was that in power zone pedalling was too easy and in dead zone too hard, causing knee pain and lumpy pedalling cadence. Exactly opposite to how it should be. The opposite of how it is with an Absolute Black oval chainring fitted to your bike.


    Cranks visible on the photos are not included to the purchased chainrings. 

    The World's finest oval (elliptical) road chainring. Non circular chainrings, Non-round chainrings. Asymmetrical chainrings.

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